ETH Zurich

On my visit back home I managed to insert a quick academic visit to my Alma Mater. Had interesting discussions with Tom Ilmanen about spacetime and entropy.
Further I had the  to talk with Thanu Padmanabhan and Hamsa Padmanabhan about their recent paper that links the value of the cosmological constant to the
amplitude of the fluctuations  in the CMB. An nice explanation of their idea, accessible to laymen can be found in Nautilus. Given the claimed perfect match up of the observed values with their prediction it is certainly worth investigating further.
The second picture shows the Drei-Grazien -Brunnen in the entrance of ETH. When I was a student there it used to be the running gag that this is probably the place at ETH with the most women. Unfortunately the numbers haven’t changed too much since then. We need to get more women in STEM!