Brain Farts and Conjectures

Disclaimer: This section contains a list of open problems that I am interested in. They are worked out to various degrees, from brain farts over vague intuitions to sharp workable conjectures. Note that nothing within this page claims any sort of cleverness let alone even correctness  (though I will try to update the list as soon as something is proven/once I find out that it has already been done).
So it is simply a list of problems that i find interesting and ideas on how to tackle them as well as random bullshit that comes to my mind. For the ideas on this list I either lack the time or the skills to work them out (or they are simply not even in a state where they can be worked out). I much rather see them solved by someone else then have them collect dust in the back of my brain. So if you have an idea how to flesh out any of them, I would be happy to collaborate on that. If you just wanna do it yourself I would appreciate an adequate acknowledgement (in case the thoughts presented here actually contain any novelty).
If you have a source that proves/disproves anything mentioned here please send a pointer my way so I can reduce the bullshit to a minimum.

The Questions [Q] / Ideas [I] / Conjectures [C] are labeled for easier reference in communication.

Causal Fermion Systems

Causal fermion systems is a new attempt to build a framework to unify the Standard Model of particle physics with General Relativity. The framework was mainly developed by Felix Finster.

In the conjecture section I will use the notation and structures introduced in the following papers:
Introduction for Physicists
Introduction to the mathematical framework and structures.

For an extensive treatment of (almost) everything known about the model so far check out Felix’s book on the topic or the website we set up to make it easier to learn the fundamentals about Causal Fermion Systems.