Science Communication

Here you find everything science communication related I do. Some of the videos are in English, some are in German.

For an introduction to the theory of Causal Fermion Systems visit the new website we set up recently.

SciCom Videos

A one minute video I did with Shane Farnsworth for the Veritasium Contest on YouTube.

Furthermore I am acting as a producer for the “Escaped Sapiens” podcast created by Shane Farnsworth.


An interview I did with Adam Ford down at the pier in St.Kilda on Science, Politics and Power.

An interview I did with Niklas Opf on my paper about the absence of events on closed causal curves in the ETH approach to quantum theory.

Public talks 

A friend asked me to give a talk at their club in Melbourne.
When the EHT picture came out I was marveled by the fact that the 3 most significant developments in fundamental physics in the last decade are. “A Bump, a Wiggle and a Blob” so I decided to talk about that


The Bear Gravity Show: Breakthrough vs. Establishment – How a relationship influenced an academic career.

Science Slams

Famelab Qualifier in Regensburg 2024 (DE): “Ich hab da so eine Theorie” was gute wissenschaftliche Theorien auszeichnet erfahrt ihr hier.

Science Slam SO36: A Walk on the Beach of the Dirac Sea (ENG)

Not exactly a Science Slam, but close enough. When I was working at my beach office Adam Ford came by to do an interview. It was a bit of an experiment where I tried to explain the basic ideas behind the new theory I’m working on. It was more or less a one-take so be gentle and take it with a grain of salt. As quite some time has passed since I wouldn’t a 100% support the interpretation of the theory which I give in the video. My current understanding has advanced but through that my interpretation got more blurry again, because I am not sure there isn’t a better way to look at all of this. Anyway, it is a fun little video so enjoy.

Science Slam SO36: The Fingerprints of Black Holes (ENG)

Science Slam Adlershost: Der Fingerabdruck von Schwarzen Löchern (DE)

Science Slam SO36: Sind Schwarze Löcher stabil? (DE)

My very first Science Slam at the Famelab qualifier event in Potsdam 2014. A short version of the black hole stability Slam.

Newspaper Articles

“Das kritische Denken der Intellektuellen ist heute so öffentlich wie nie zuvor”, NZZ 2022, in defence of open access publishing.

March for Science

My statement at the pre-march pressconference in Washington. (ENG)

Here you find an interview about the march for science I gave the Max Planck Society before the march.

Hier findet ihr ein Interview mit der Max Planck Gesellschaft vor dem Marsch.

Hier ein Interview mit der deutschen Seite von WIRED vor dem Marsch.

One of the many articles about the March for Science in Berlin.

Follow up Interview des Stifterverbandes (DE)

Pressekonferenz der Falling Walls Foundation zu Alternativen Fakten.

Artikel der Tagesspiegels zur Veranstaltung