As a hobby I write some poems. This is a selection of my favorite ones.

The fabric of life

many threads make up our story
some of failure, some of glory
some are thick, and some are thin
sometimes you, loose sometimes you win
some threads we would eradicate
some need bravery some faith
some are short, some last forever
such is our life’s endeavor

As we’re weaving on this cloth
– it’s been like this since the times of Thoth –
we lose a thread, we make a mess
it holds together more or less
we need to stop and take our time
to clean up this final rhyme
to allow the threads to fall in line
so finally the cloth can shine

A partic(u)l(ar) love story

Once an electron when zapping through the plane
encountered a proton on its way
And that s how their story begins
In their interaction
They felt an attraction
at the first glance
they started to dance
they radiated away
so their state could decay
to an ever closer bound
That would match the sound
till their separation was limitted alone
by Heisenbergs uncertainty zone
but then perturbations
led to excitations
and soon their state was not bound anymore
They go separate ways again as before
and when the story ends nobody wins

Nomaden der Neuzeit

Wir ziehen nicht mit den Jahreszeiten
Wir ziehen mit dem Arbeitsplatz

Wir sind die Nomaden der Neuzeit

Wir kennen jede Stadt der Welt
Jedoch kein einziges Dorf

Wir sind die Nomaden der Neuzeit

Wir sind in der ganzen Welt zuhause
Doch eine Heimat haben wir nicht

Wir sind die Nomaden der Neuzeit

And because the English auto-translation from Facebook is almost smoother:

Nomads of Modern Times

We don’t move with the seasons
We move with the workplace

We are the nomads of modern times

We know every city in the world
But not a single village

We are the nomads of modern times

We are home all over the world
But we don’t have a home

We are the nomads of modern times

Too good to be true

If you have an idea any you think it’s the hit
I have to warn you it’s most likely just shit
If you have an idea and you think it’s the best
You should not get excited
And make sure that you hide it
Before you have put it to a rigorous test

Because what’s often the case
In the intellectual maze
That you fall for an illusion
To avoid this frustration
And deep disappointment
Keep down the exitement

So to always be fine
Just remember this line
If something ‘s too good to be true
It’s most likely just poo


The phoenix came to die

Be it wind or be it fire
Be it lust or deep desire
When nature strikes it’s a disaster
Nothing mice or men can master

When the fire rages through the wood
It takes with it what’s dear and good
But despite the destruction in this fiery hell
It is the heat that cracks the shell
That frees the seed to spread new life
To lead the recovery when they hatch
Of the thoroughly scorched patch
Soon life will again be plenty and rife

And after a while
Natures repercussion lifts its veil
And what grows new and plentiful
Will end up be more beautiful
Then what the fire obliterated
We are in awe and fascinated

Now fly phoenix FLYYY

Xaver – The beauty of violence

The morning ‘s calm
The rain is heavy
The sky is grey
There is no sign
what the day will levy
On the nature
On the people
On every living creature

The sky gets dark
And even darker
First gusts sweep by
It s just a starter
For the might that soon arrives
For the destruction that entrices

The wind starts beating
now the storm knocks on the door
raindrops like gun slaves hit the windows, hit the floor
Step outside enjoy the force
Its lifes purest form of joy
Now you re just natures toy
Now the rain’s not thick but razor sharp
even breathing is a trouble
when the gusts hit back to back
and you re outside, not in a bubble

Soon the trees will start to bend
Will ache and moan and finally break
There is nothing that can mend
what nature wants to take.

What beautiful violence
What a nice destruction
Now it s over
Calm returns
But the chaos still remains


Zack da war nichts mehr
Mein Herz und Hirn war plötzlich leer
Da war kein Schatten, war kein Licht
Es war wie ne mentale Gicht
Weder Hoffnung, Pein noch Wut
Weder Furcht noch Hass noch Mut
Weder Liebe, Abscheu, Lust
Weder Freude, Neid noch Frust
Keine Enttäuschung oder Trauer
Keine Sehnsucht oder Kummer
Keine Verzweiflung oder Einsamkeit
Keine Verbitterung oder Fröhlichkeit
Ohne Wahnsinn oder Ehre
blieb nur noch die Leere

Kein Gefühl auf dieser Welt
Ob Angst ob Sorge ob’s gefällt
hatte jemals so ne Macht
Wie das die Leere hat
Sie ist dunkel schwer und matt
Drum nehmt euch vor ihr in acht

Selbst der aller grösste Schmerz
Ist ‘ne Erlösung fast
Mit der Leere als Kontrast
das mein ich nicht als Scherz

Leer von Gefühlen jeder Art,
Wird es dir vor Augen führen.
Wie sehr diese Gefühle wohl,
unser Mensch-sein definieren
Ohne sie, so muss man sagen
Diese bittere Erkenntnis wagen
Sind wir bloss ein Fleischkostüm
Was ein nutzlos Ungetüm

Das Bewusstsein zu erlangen
Dass unsere phys’sche Existenz
Uns’re irdische präsenz
Blosse Hüllen sind
in den’ gefangen
Unser Seelen sind.

Der Preis für diese Einsicht war
Mehr als ein verlor’nes Jahr
Der Weg zurück auf Start
War sehr steinig, war sehr hart.

Doch dieses tiefe Wissen
Möchte ich nicht missen
Aber ich hoff ‘s wird sich ergeben
Muss ich ‘s nicht noch einmal erleben.


Trump schaut zu Putin mit grossen Augen
Erdogan und Orban könnens kaum glauben
Sisi und Assad gehen Hand in Hand
Kaczynski fährt die Demokratie an die Wand
Starke Männer haben Weltkonjunktur
Unter Xi herrscht auch in China eine Diktatur

Nur Angela steht ganz allein
Da fällt ihr etwas schlaues ein
“Jungs ich kann der Pfarrer sein”
Und schwupps führt sie die Homoehe ein.

Why life is not a simulation. 
(A rebuttal to Elon Musk)

If life were just a simulation
It ‘d have to be someone’s creation
Someone d have to program it
The bugfixing they might omit
The infrastructure not prepared
Sales and marketing are scared
The CEO is pushing hard
It turns out she’s not so smart
The release is premature
The customer is not so sure

Once the thing ‘s in operation
The intern plays with the creation
Alarms go off in every place
The code still crappy, what a maze
The developer is laughing hard
Because she told them from the start
That the plan could never work
They all thought she was a jerk
The legal team seeks mitigation
For the products limitation
Annoyed at best, he has no fun
The admin ‘s hateing everyone
Safety risks rob him his sleep
“We only hired stupid sheep!”
Peter is the only one
Who thinks this Höllenritt is fun
Because he is not hired here
He just gets another beer

The quantum add-on can not work
It was just a sales pitch jerk
It will never be true quantum
The scientists will throw a tantrum
Soon it would show everywhere
That reality ‘s just not there
The plan would thus evaporate
And the people would escape

Life can just be understood
Once we re dead
Looking back and not ahead
As a Simulation would
No! Life is not a simulation
For life’s intricate​ relations,
Cannot be a sane creation
Still with many perturbations
From stupid bugs and funny horseplay
Could a program never display
The crazy turns in our world
Because life’s path’s are just too swirled
The quality assurance team
Would pull the plug on any stream
That displays this absurd strife
That we re calling our life

Strangers again

We used to be friends
That was only a start
We used to be close
life tore us apart

Now we are strangers again

We used to be lovers
We used to be brothers
We used to be comrads
We used to be partners

But now we’re just strangers again

We used to share our smiles
We used to share our fears
We used to share little things
We used to share our tears

Now we share nothing again

You’re just a face in a sea of faces
So oddly familiar yet so far away
Our souls are now in different places
I used to hate it, but now it’s okey

We’re just strangers again

In my memories you live on
Yet this you is not you anymore
The real you is long gone
Maybe we ll meet once more

Maybe some day strangers meet again

The broken mask 

I thought i know who i truely am
But that was really just a scam
I played this role for many years
Never shedded any tears

It took a blow of epic size
To expose this bad disguise
What a painful recognition
That my true self ‘s been hiding well
What a powerful ignition
To find a soft core in this hard thick outer shell

The mask has fallen
Broken pieces scattered
My heart is free
The chains are shattered

My heart ‘s been chained for way to long
Finally these chains are gone
Now my heart is free to grow
What a delightful little show